Oxide machine

Oxide machine


▲High oxidation 

▲The temperature of the milling process is stable and the fluctuation range is small

▲The cooling fluid of the gearbox is circulated cooling to extend the service life of the reducer

▲No positive pressure fan and counter bag cleaning blower  to save energy

▲Micro differential pressure control to ensure that the powder collector does not get blocked

Technical parameter
Production capacity(t/D):24
Power (Kw):95
Oixdation(%) :68%~80%
Apparent density(g/cm³):1.4~1.9
Acid absorption(mg/g):220~280
Sieve residual(μm):average≤2.2
Dimension(mm):17690(L)X 7000(W)X9000 (H)
Noise level (dB):≤100