Medical bone polishing

Medical bone polishing

    Zunsion technology has designed and built more turnkey robotic finishing systems for orthopedic implants.Robotic manipulation of the implant, combined with servo-valve-controlled abrasive belt heads (utilizing radial wheel and an assortment of polishing media), replaces labor-intensive hand surface.

   Media usage can be cut by 50% or more. Modular tooling allows families of parts to be finished in the same cell. Each cell can include single and multiple media heads, accomplishing one to 12 finishing operations.

  Processes include (but not limited to):​​ 

   1.Removal of the casting gate with abrasive belts 

   2.Grinding of the casting form with abrasive beltsAbrasive belt polishing 

   3.Cut and color buffing 

   4.Ultra-high color buffing 

   5.Removal of flash on forged hip stems with abrasive belts 

   6.Complete finishing: hip stem, hip ball and cup, ascetabular hip shell

   Implants finished on Acme systems include:​​ 

   1.Knees (chrome cobalt, zirconium, titanium) 

   2.Hip Stems (stainless steel, titanium) 

   3.Hip Cups and Balls (chrome cobalt) 

   4.Tibia Trays (chrome cobalt) 

   5.Bone Plates and Nails (stainless steel, chrome cobalt)

   6.Hip Shells (titanium ascetabular)