Intelligent tool warehouse

Intelligent tool warehouse


▲Timely supervision, tool usage information can be traced back

▲Optimize tool efficiency

▲ PC management system to connect with ERP system

▲ single / multiple devices linkage can be combined

▲AGV transport system and remote PDA system are available for your choice

Technical Parameters
Equipment model: ZX-CK-01
Pallet specifications (mm): 420 (L) × 320 (W) × 150 (H)
Total tray weight (KG) ≤50 (tray + goods)
Conveying height (m): 0.6
Conveying speed (m / min) 12
Equipment dimensions (M) 6.05~9.05(L)* 2.03(W)* 2.635(H)
Save/Receive C / T (seconds) ≤60
Storage capacity ≤175 (the same column can be freely combined)
Rated total power (KW) 4
Equipment weight (KG) 3000
Equipment operating noise (dB) ≤80