Curing chamber

Curing chamber


▲ Improve curing quality and time

▲Precise control of lead sulfate content

▲Gas heating and steam heating available

▲Built-in air screen, even air volume

▲Two curing chambers can be controlled separately

▲ Chinese and English bilingual operation interface, simple and easy to operate

▲AGV automatic charging and discharging 

Technical Parameters
Model: ZX-GHS-03
Pallet specifications (mm): 800(L)* 1030(W)* 350(H)
Equipment dimensions (mm) 3800(L)* 2300(W)* 4600(H)
Chamber dimensions (mm) 2500(L)* 1070(W)* 2100(H)
Curing capacity (to) 12
Rated total power (KW) 15
Equipment weight (KG) 4532
Equipment operating noise (dB) ≤75