Battery water bath formation table-B

Battery water bath formation table-B


▲ lead-acid battery formation

▲ Automatic discharging after formation

▲ Stable water temperature

▲ Stable water level

▲ Acid mist is automatically collected and discharged

▲ Integrated conveyor chain

▲ Water can be recycled, environmental protection and energy-saving

Technical Parameters
Equipment model: ZX-HCT-02
Battery specifications (mm): 187~407(L)125~267(W)140~254(H)
Working height (m): 0.72
Conveying speed (m / min) 2.5~7.5 (adjustable)
Equipment dimensions (M) 12~24(L)* 1.77(W)* 2.6(H)
Equipment inner dimension (M) 12~24(L)* 1.45(W)* 0.28(H)
Production capacity (only) 120~360
Total power (KW) 2.2
Equipment weight (KG) 3000~5000