Automatic hardware packaging system

Automatic hardware packaging system


▲ equipment can realize flexible production of hardware packaging

▲PC management system can achieve seamless connection with MES system

▲Composite molded bag, can achieve a single bag of 7KG or more weight 

▲Palletizing robot can meet different types of packaging box 

▲Weighing and replenishing station, manual/automatic optional


Technical Parameters
Model: ZX-BZ-01
Hardware specifications: (according to customer needs)
Single package total weight (KG) 0.5~7
Working height (m): 0.7
Conveying speed (m / min) 15
Equipment dimensions (M) 10(L)* 9(W)* 3.615(H)
Bag making capacity (seconds/package) 6~12 (determined according to hardware specifications / composite film)
Palletizing capacity (seconds/carton) 12
Rated total power (KW) 33
Equipment weight (KG) 8500
Equipment operating noise (dB) ≤80 (determined according to hardware specifications)