Aircraft engine blade grinding and polishing

Aircraft engine blade grinding and polishing

From deburring of turbine engine components to polishing airfoils after milling, Zunsion robotic finishing systems for the aircraft, power generation, and aerospace industries reduce or eliminate manual labor, lower your unit costs, and achieve new levels of repeatability. ROI can be less than one year.  

 Processes include (but not limited to):

 ​​ Edge radius and blending 

  Brush deburring

  Hard tool deburring 

  Flash removal on forged parts

  Removal and blending of gates and pins 

  Airfoil polishing before and after milling 

  Bright buffing 

 Components finished on Zunsion systems include turbine engine components (compression blades and vanes, fan blades, OGV, NGV, and compressor disks), engine shrouds, rotors, cases & housings, blisk disks, and propeller blades.